How to Make your Person Feel Loved

How to Make your Person Feel Loved By Francesca Navarro

When it comes to making your person feel loved, you truly have to focus on one simple thing: making them realize that they are your person. While this includes really tapping into your creative and out-of-the-box side, not thinking too hard about it is just as important. Knowing what they love to do as their own person and what you love to do as a duo is the crucial formula to showing them that they are loved. Keep reading to get some of those creative ideas popping!

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Get Personal

            Tapping into the things your partner truly loves is what will give them a day of quality, not quantity in overly-sweet chocolates and stuffed teddy bears. Music goes such a long way in our book and is scientifically proven to bring out emotion. Start working on making a personal video with all of your best pictures or burn them a CD with all of the songs that seem to perfectly represent your relationship. Looking for more of a personalized date idea? Always feel free to kick it at home with all your favorite candy, drinks, and classic movies.

            Taking them to a place of great memory will most likely make them melt. Think back and ask yourself some brain-picking questions. Where was the first place you met? Your first date? Thinking back to the places where you first kissed, fell in love, laughed till you cried together, just cried together, or simply realized your loved one was the shit can get your creativity sparking for an epic date! This could be an ice cream parlor, coffee shop, record store, or just a hole-in-the-wall bar. Don’t think too hard but again, tap into that brain!

Create Something (Together)

            This can also apply to thinking out of the box for some. Choosing something you’re both good or terrible is what will make this fun. Have some of those Tasty videos saved from your Facebook feed? Shop and get the ingredients together to get excited about making it! We recommend this amaaaazing dish that’s easy to make but tastes like you went to the best restaurant in town. Complement this with a desert that you’ve always wanted to try, or reward yourselves by putting in the effort with some good ol’ DQ or Baskin Robbins.

You can also get a little craftier with it and create something both together and for each other. Whip out the construction paper, glitter, and magazines to make each other some heart-felt but funky Valentine’s Day cards. As this can be somewhat basic, make sure to include an inside joke or a lyric from some of your favorite songs. Just think of it as the chance to make the most epic card ever for the classmate you always wanted as your Valentine back in grade school. The love will show!

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