Photo: Something New Media

Photo: Something New Media

It all started when...

Nolan Haus initially started out as an idea for a DIY project that Ryan wanted to do for the venue he worked at, SoHo63 in downtown Chandler. We've seen hedge walls out there but every one of them had bulky bases which we felt took away with the elegance of the hedge walls. We were so in love with the foliage walls and thought it would be a great look to build hedge walls without a base. Long story short, with Blake's marketing expertise and contacts in the industry she ordered up the greenery for our first wall and said "Ryan you need to build a wall now, we already have the greenery!" Blake has totally taken our dreams of starting our rental business into a reality. If Blake hadn't ordered the greenery and forced me to build our first hedge wall we might not have ever followed through with this dream of ours. We now have a growing inventory of 12 Boxwood Hedge walls and 1 Ivy Wall with plenty of inspiration for new foliage walls to come!

PS Ryan was able to finish his DIY project of 4 double sided grass walls which have a new permanent home at SoHo63!  

                                        Ryan and Blake